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Stepping into the world of social feedback

Social networks are a major source of insights. They provide great potential just waiting to be tapped into. The Social Media Monitoring & Engagement module allows you to seamlessly integrate Facebook, Twitter and blogs with the QuestBack platform.

Social Media

Enables interactive value creation in the social web

Social media monitoring and online feedback are now combined: The QuestBack Social Media Monitoring & Engagement module, can be used to monitor conversation, engage, and initiate surveys as a direct reaction to postings on Facebook, Twitter or on blogs. Social web feedback providers can be effectively recruited for market research panels

Transform random noise into knowledge

The social web is full of creative, critical people with fascinating opinions and ideas, but up until now no tool has been available to distil this knowledge and transform it into insights. This module closes the gap and transforms random noise into distilled information. It enables you to collect unsolicited feedback from social networks and to channel it into structured feedback processes.

Market research directly on Facebook

The QuestBack Social module can also be used to seamlessly embed surveys, online panels, and market research communities on Facebook pages. This means that the entire spectrum of online market research methods is available to you even in the largest online social network in the world. QuestBack stores the collected data in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.